Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 31st

Deaths grim smell was floating about the air as we were walking back to my carriage. Alas as we arrived there they were... 8 stricken patients laying upon the moist soil As I layed my bag upon the hearth as well I noticed something most peculiar. No blood was to be found. I cam upon two needle marks that pierced the anterior and posterior tibial arteries while examining, yet the marks where only on the right ankle, no other marks. Not even signs of struggle. This applies to the other 7 victims as well..

Curiosity has taken grasp, I shall take the eye.

We shall see.
While I was pulling out my specimen jar I heard Avatar curse quite violently. Although I did not think much of it.

I shall think it wise of me to not cross his path today. For it will end badly.. f o r h i m ...

Once putting Persona Gata away Avatar called me over to take some samples from my carriage.

Dissections .......Hū dar ēow defoilen my proprete. Dū shal suffren by my hant.... Relapse

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