Wednesday, June 1, 2011

May 31st

Deaths grim smell was floating about the air as we were walking back to my carriage. Alas as we arrived there they were... 8 stricken patients laying upon the moist soil As I layed my bag upon the hearth as well I noticed something most peculiar. No blood was to be found. I cam upon two needle marks that pierced the anterior and posterior tibial arteries while examining, yet the marks where only on the right ankle, no other marks. Not even signs of struggle. This applies to the other 7 victims as well..

Curiosity has taken grasp, I shall take the eye.

We shall see.
While I was pulling out my specimen jar I heard Avatar curse quite violently. Although I did not think much of it.

I shall think it wise of me to not cross his path today. For it will end badly.. f o r h i m ...

Once putting Persona Gata away Avatar called me over to take some samples from my carriage.

Dissections .......Hū dar ēow defoilen my proprete. Dū shal suffren by my hant.... Relapse

Monday, May 30, 2011

Reports for May 19th and 20th

May 29th:

Today an unfortunate group of Black-Eyed patients decided to interrupt us during our mission. They were no problem at all; turns out I am not done perfecting my technique. So sad for them. Avatar was able to work of some anger. Which was needed.

I fear he is Ill.

As we were approaching the subject's current dwelling we ran into yet another group of people. They looked as if they were in some kind of military, yet none that I have ever known to exist. I'm curious to know why we have run into so many odd groups of people during this mission.

I'm taking this under personal interest.

The Avatar and I were instructed to stalk and observe for a moment of time. Sadly not a lot of in-tell was found. It's like they evaporated into the skies above.


May 30th:

When we arrived at Subject's last known location it had been ransacked and abandoned for what looked to be a day now. Ti's good to know Subject's intellect is far superior to my last.

I shall write this in my files.

Upon investigating the remainder of the items left in the shack Avatar found an old speaker box and begun to laugh quite hysterically. I have no clue as to why. Yet he began to manipulate the speaker box . Soon we began to hear bits of speech from the subject. Avatar began writing what he heard and told me to finish up the rest myself. I noticed a slight musk in the air when I turned from Avatars position. I followed the smell to the walls by the sleepers nest. I scrapped the walls as well as swabbed the pillows and will be testing them once I get back to my Doctors Quarters.

This is all.

~ The Masked Doctor.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


The Avatar has arrived, I see.
I have a special treat for you,
I'm sure you'll find it appropriate Avatar.

Were cōming to get you.

No hopa resides here.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Xwwdafy owdd?

Ow'nw xgmfv qgm

Eq gjvwjk sjw udwsj.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foul Flessh

hū could ēow deeme he wolden't find out?

Hū dar ēow lete him.


The enforcer of Vindicate

Dōn ēow remember?

Heere ēow shal know drede.